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Hi, I'm Adam and I'm a graphic designer based out of Brooklyn. 

Here's the deal

I love design more than almost anything... I’m obsessed with it. I’m kept up a lot of nights just thinking about it. I’ve missed trains because I’ve been staring at subway posters for too long. I talk my wife’s ear off everytime we’re in front of something that’s been designed well... which in New York City, is much of the time. More than anything though, I love making work that's engaging, fresh, bold, and new. 

In no particular order, things I've been obsessing over lately

The title sequence of Stranger Things, the Thinx subway campaign, anything the Punchdrunk Theater Company does, the menu at the Dead Rabbit, and especially our four-month-old daughter Maia. OK, that last one didn’t pertain to graphic design, but still...

Let's talk about work


Most recently I was at Food & Wine magazine doing a million different things... from advertorials and online camapaigns for clients like San Pellegrino, Appleton Rum, and Kendall Jackson to all things festival related (invites, menus, logos, posters, tshirts, and ads) for events like the FOOD & WINE Classic in Aspen and Best New Chefs. Before that, I was at BAM designing/art directing seasonal campaigns that translated into large brochures, subway car domininations, posters, online and print ads, and indoor/outdoor environmental design.

When I wasn’t at my office, I was often working on freelance to shake things up... recent clients include the Brooklyn Food & Wine Festival, the BEAT festival, the National Alliance for Musical Theater, the 24 Hour Play Company, and a handful of small theater productions. 


I'm currently accepting new clients... 

Let's do something great. 

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